Sunday, 4 December 2016

What should Cristiano Ronaldo do to handle bad publicity?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most successful athletes of today. But many suspect him of homosexuality and it can become the reason of crash of his career as unlike show business the

public meanwhile can't perceive athletes of gays on an equal basis with athletes of a traditional orientation.

Ronaldo's actions give a reason to suspect it of homosexuality. He has a child from substitute mother, there are also certificates of his frequent trips to Morocco to his friend Bodri Hari. Moreover, in the press there were photos where Hari holds Ronaldo on hands.

For maintenance of the image of the hetero in the press it is constantly told about various girls models which the football player dates with.

The press is in a ready state now to hear Ronaldo's recognition in nonconventional orientation. For this reason the last incident when Ronaldo allegedly was recognized to other football player anger that he is a gay received such huge resonance.

After the huge buzz created near this story, just next day Ronaldo was noticed walking and kissing the next model in the Disneyland.

In general, it is the standard course in such situations. And for this reason efficiency of this action isn't so effective as far as it could be.

Firstly it was predictable and boring. In order for a publicity story to really distract public attention it
should follow the rules of drama. In other words it should be emotional and unpredictable.

Secondly, if to consider this problem from the point of view of McCombs and Shaw’s Media agenda theory Ronaldo's problem not to convince people that he isn't a gay. Its problem is that the question which is raised on the agenda is delivered unsuccessfully for Ronaldo.

People discuss is he a gay or not. But it is necessary to raise the absolutely another question which won't concern Ronaldo's homosexuality at all.

In the other words, instead of attempt to extinguish scandal it is necessary to create on the contrary a new scandal which indirectly will contain information that Ronaldo loves women.

As an option - it would be possible to ask one of the previous girlfriends Ronaldo to accuse the football player that she is pregnant, and he left her.

As a result, people will begin to discuss the fact that Ronaldo is a heartbreaker who dumped his girlfriend. Considering that image of a sex of symbol which is wanted to be created for Ronaldo, this scandal will only raise his popularity. At the same time the question of homosexuality won't be discussed anymore.

Further this story can be continued and to gradually create new subject turns in it . For example, Ronaldo apologized to it, then they began to meet again, plan to marry and so on. That is gradually it is possible to create certain "reality show" which will give huge good publicity to all participants of it.

Also Ronaldo should post more often on social media intimate photos where he is in a bed with a girl. At the moment his Instagram is full of the photos where he is alone.

It would be better if these new erotic photos with a girl would be the most "intimate". They could be laid out in the closed access, and then it might be possible to to organize a pseudo attack of hackers who would post these photos on the Internet. The press would take this news, and Ronaldo could "be angry" and ask people not to interrupt his private life.

Thus, a method of "information leakage" would be used. It allows to reach much more trust from the public.

Also, Ronaldo could marry. To avoid a danger that a deception will be revealed there might be a lesbian celebrity who also conceal her sexual orientation. It would be a win - win union which would solve many reputation problems of the football player. 

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