Sunday, 4 December 2016

What should Cristiano Ronaldo do to handle bad publicity?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most successful athletes of today. But many suspect him of homosexuality and it can become the reason of crash of his career as unlike show business the

public meanwhile can't perceive athletes of gays on an equal basis with athletes of a traditional orientation.

Ronaldo's actions give a reason to suspect it of homosexuality. He has a child from substitute mother, there are also certificates of his frequent trips to Morocco to his friend Bodri Hari. Moreover, in the press there were photos where Hari holds Ronaldo on hands.

For maintenance of the image of the hetero in the press it is constantly told about various girls models which the football player dates with.

The press is in a ready state now to hear Ronaldo's recognition in nonconventional orientation. For this reason the last incident when Ronaldo allegedly was recognized to other football player anger that he is a gay received such huge resonance.

After the huge buzz created near this story, just next day Ronaldo was noticed walking and kissing the next model in the Disneyland.

In general, it is the standard course in such situations. And for this reason efficiency of this action isn't so effective as far as it could be.

Firstly it was predictable and boring. In order for a publicity story to really distract public attention it
should follow the rules of drama. In other words it should be emotional and unpredictable.

Secondly, if to consider this problem from the point of view of McCombs and Shaw’s Media agenda theory Ronaldo's problem not to convince people that he isn't a gay. Its problem is that the question which is raised on the agenda is delivered unsuccessfully for Ronaldo.

People discuss is he a gay or not. But it is necessary to raise the absolutely another question which won't concern Ronaldo's homosexuality at all.

In the other words, instead of attempt to extinguish scandal it is necessary to create on the contrary a new scandal which indirectly will contain information that Ronaldo loves women.

As an option - it would be possible to ask one of the previous girlfriends Ronaldo to accuse the football player that she is pregnant, and he left her.

As a result, people will begin to discuss the fact that Ronaldo is a heartbreaker who dumped his girlfriend. Considering that image of a sex of symbol which is wanted to be created for Ronaldo, this scandal will only raise his popularity. At the same time the question of homosexuality won't be discussed anymore.

Further this story can be continued and to gradually create new subject turns in it . For example, Ronaldo apologized to it, then they began to meet again, plan to marry and so on. That is gradually it is possible to create certain "reality show" which will give huge good publicity to all participants of it.

Also Ronaldo should post more often on social media intimate photos where he is in a bed with a girl. At the moment his Instagram is full of the photos where he is alone.

It would be better if these new erotic photos with a girl would be the most "intimate". They could be laid out in the closed access, and then it might be possible to to organize a pseudo attack of hackers who would post these photos on the Internet. The press would take this news, and Ronaldo could "be angry" and ask people not to interrupt his private life.

Thus, a method of "information leakage" would be used. It allows to reach much more trust from the public.

Also, Ronaldo could marry. To avoid a danger that a deception will be revealed there might be a lesbian celebrity who also conceal her sexual orientation. It would be a win - win union which would solve many reputation problems of the football player. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The secret method of publicity that celebrities don’t want you to know about…

There is a huge number of events in a life of a celebrity where the press is already presented. But, as practice shows, 99% of celebrities aren't able to seize this opportunity for great publicity and loose a chance to stand out. 

So what is the method? 

Add a dramatic, unusual element to a situation where the press will be already presented.

Looks simple and unreal?

So... There is an example! 

On secular events  it is accepted to look as better as it is possible. 
A decision. Let's hide the face!
But there is more to come! 
We need the drama, strengthening of emotions! Let's hide the actor's face … under a regular paper bag!

The result?

Shia LaBeouf brought back the paper bag he wore over his head with the words 'I am not famous anymore' written on them for a silent, tearful performance art piece he started on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Read more: 

How to think out such type of  situations?

I will tell you.

You are able to do it right now.

Take the sheet of paper. 

Write what is obligatory for this action. Clothes, behavior, participants and so on

Place the word NO before the  each point.

Write at least 20 options. 

Choose what causes  the strongest emotions in you.

Go ahead! :-)

Friday, 28 October 2016

The secrets of Kim Kardashian's publicity

What is the essential difference of the successful publicist? It is his understanding of the nature of the modern world of news.

Today, in the conditions of information noise it is impossible to place in a news agenda the volume laudatory article showing integral and many-sided image of a client.

If a journalist  do that he would lose trust of the readers. Moreover, such information is perceived directly as advertising. And  a reader immediately put a protective block on it. The End.

How to handle it? How to make journalists and readers accept your subject?

 It is necessary to split up image of the client, his complete message for small bright fragments, for thematic splinters. 

Then it is necessary to choose only those brightest and "sharp" thematic "splinters" of propaganda information which can be given from the mass of image elements.

Let's go further. But if there is no socially significant news?

The attention of a journalist and a reader is drawn first of all to a subject which allegedly "is important in itself", and  not because it is connected with a name of this company or the person. The client becomes a part of a subject as ancient Greeks became a part of the Trojan Horse.

Kim Kardashian came to Paris and was robbed  in the most protected district of Paris. 
After few days stolen jewelry was found by the police.

Sounds as the scenario of the cheap Hollywood drama. But that's the effective recipe of creating  publicity in the overloaded with information today's world.

A sensation is higher than emotion. 
In the conditions of information noise a publicist shouldn't expect that he is able to make "long-term" and powerful emotions about his client in a reader's soul (as trust, love and so on).

The publicist's task is to create a news story which will  contains fleeting, primitive feelings of short-term, shock, disgust, irritation, curiosity, etc.

 Madonna published a photo with the hairy armpits. For public it is shown as a symbol of " freedom of thoughts". 

But we understand  what for actually all this happened, right?  ;-)

It is necessary to emphasize that it is, strictly speaking, not about "sensations" in the finest sense of the word (an exclusive, hot news, an action, exposure, large scandal), but it is about so-called "spirit of sensational nature".

Such method  is used for creation of kiss and tell stories which we see every day in tabloids.

In other words, sensational nature is an illusion of a sensation, it is a make-up which needs to be put on a "face" practically any publicity for successful promotion.

Use a powerful journalistic secret: take a private, intimate detail and highlight it brightly under the pretext of the fact that this information has " importance for public".

"Sensational" article turns  into an objective fact, into a subject of a general, public life.

Arseny Mironov "Inflate and dominate: technologies of modern "soft" promotion" Publishing house: Dobrosvet-2000

Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to create publicity using Hollywood movie techniques?

A Hollywood produces a tremendous amount of different movies and music but, in fact all of it follow the simple rules. Interestingly, that all this methods might be easy picked up by usual people and companies in a way of the their successful  publicity.

The brand has to  evolve

There is nothing terrible that your brand changes over time. It develops as the character of a TV series with the open subject line. At the beginning it can be simple, naive, the undecided with the values. Over time it will become more accurate. Allow clients and partners to monitor its development.

Surprise — a key to attention
In life there are many less drama turns and contradictions, than in the invented story — you should remember it when you speak about the company, a product, a brand. There are many acceptances to surprise audience, to capture its attention. The culmination — as murder in the thriller — can occur right at the beginning. 

As a screenwriter, you should know answers to two questions: "Why my hero does it?» and "Will my hero  make it?». The same is important when you speak about the product or an artist. The audience should accept motives of the hero, and your clients and partners should well understand the values of your brand.

3.   Use the television approach to the story of history

If you want to tell stories — go on television, here where a scope. Annually there are tens of new series, and as a rule it is a good, quality product. These are stories which you will be able to tell for years. The same situations might be created as news stories. Just, creatively add drama in a life of your client and show how he successfully resolve it! 

4. Be not afraid of a cliche — the main thing that they worked

Many treat a cliche with contempt. But in using a cliche, there is nothing shameful. Why some things become stamps? Because they work. It is necessary to use them intelligently, here in what case. When the boy meets the girl - it is not a cliche. One may say that it is worse if they meet each other in the park in the rain,but..

I have a simple example — the series Law & Order ("The law and an order") goes 20 years, in every season on 22 series, that is 4 400 series are removed. And all of it contains the same structure! 

Then professionalism of team gets the best, they finish case, a punishment of the criminal elements. And here again one of the  team feels personal communication with punished. And so every time, from a series in a series. This cliche, but it is skillfully used and therefore doesn't bother.

 We see a lot of romances between stars in a show business Almost all of them are  unreal and follow a simple template of development, but who care? Different generations  like to read the same stuff with just new names again and again. 

5.  Allocate a product with one characteristic feature

The hero (brand) should have characteristic features. Kerry Bradshaw from Sex & The City adores shoes, and her girlfriend Miranda likes her work. When you speak about the product and values with which it  associated with, choose same "anchors" and use them in promotion. For example, Michael Jackson had a heat and a glove, Marilyn Monroe  attract people with her open childish eyes and McDonalds has it’s clown.

If brands want to increase effectiveness of their publicity and be memorable and recognizable they should start to use movie techniques in their image.


Robert McKee

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Overton Window or how to be a publicity wizard?

Lies about the natural course of changes which happening in our society were denied by American sociologist Joseph Overton, who described technology that can change society's attitude towards the one of
the fundamental issues for our society.

According to Overton Window there are opportunities for each idea or problem in society, it's called the window of opportunity. Within this window, the idea may or may not be widely discussed and openly supported, trying to fix the law. 

Window moves, changing the fan of the features from the "unthinkable", that is completely foreign to public morality, totally rejected to the stage of "current policy", that is already widely discussed, adopted in the mass consciousness and enshrined in the law.

 Below I will walk through an example, step by step, how society begins to first discuss something unacceptable , then consider it appropriate, and ultimately resigned to the new law, fixing and protecting the once unthinkable.

Take for example something completely unimaginable. Suppose, cannibalism, the idea to legalize the right of citizens to eating each other. Hard enough example?

But obviously all that right now, in 2016, it is not possible to create propaganda of cannibalism - society will just go mad. This situation means that the issue of legalization of cannibalism is in the zero stage of the window of opportunities. This step, according to the theory of Overton called "Unthinkable." Now let's simulate how this "unthinkable" will be implemented and passed through the all stages of the window of opportunities. 


Again, Overton described technology that allows to legalize absolutely any idea.

Pay attention ! He is not suggesting a concept and he is not formulating his thoughts in some way - he describing the working technology. 

That is, a sequence of actions, the implementation of which invariably leads to the desired result. As a weapon to destroy the human communities such technology can be more effective than a nuclear

 The topic of cannibalism is still disgusting and absolutely not acceptable in society. Discussion of this topic in the press is nor desirable, nor, especially, in polite company. For now this is unthinkable, absurd phenomenon under the taboo. According to the theory, the first move of Overton Window - is to replace the subject of cannibalism from the “unthinkable” to the “radical” stages.

We've got freedom of speech.

Well, why not to talk about cannibalism ?

Scientists generally supposed to talk about everything - for scientists there are no taboo subjects, they should study everything. And if such a thing, let's collect ethnological symposium on the topic of "Exotic rituals of the tribes of Polynesia". Let's discuss the history of the subject, introduce it to the scientific revolution and get the fact of the authoritative statement about cannibalism.

See, it turns out, that the subject can be discussed and you will stay within the limits of scientific respectability.

The Window of Overton has moved. 

The revision of positions is already designated. Thereby ensuring the transition of topic from uncompromising negative attitude in society towards a more positive.

Simultaneously with the pseudo-scientific discussion necessarily will appear some "radical Society of cannibals". And let it be presented only on the Internet - radical cannibals will certainly be noticed and mentioned in all relevant media.
First of all, there is another fact of statements. And secondly, shocking scumbags of such a special genesis are needed to create an image of radical bogey. It will be "bad cannibals" as opposed to another bugbear - "fascists that are calling to burn everybody alike them". But we’ll talk about boogies later. To get started, simply publish stories about what British scientists and some radical freaks are thinking about eating human flesh.

The result of the first movement of Overton Window: the unacceptable topic put into circulation, the taboo is destroyed as well as uniqueness of the problem - greyscale were created. 


In the next step, window moves on and takes the theme of cannibalism from the field of radical realm to the possible.

At this stage, we’ll continue to quote "scientists". Why should we turn away from knowledge ?

About cannibalism. Anyone who refuses to discuss it, shall be branded as a bigot and a hypocrite.

Condemning bigotry, be sure to come up with an elegant name for the cannibalism.

So all sorts of fascists didn't dare to hang labels with the word with the letter "C" on every "alike".

Attention! Creating an euphemism - it's a very important point. To legalize unthinkable ideas we must replace their real names.

No more cannibalism.

Now it is called, for example,- anthropophagy. 

But this term will soon be replaced again, recognizing this definition offensive as well.
The purpose of inventing new names - to divert the problem from its designation, tear word from its content, to deprive their ideological opponents of the language.

 Cannibalism turns to anthropophagy, and then antropofiliya, just like a criminal changing names and passports.

In parallel with the game with the names occurs the creation of reference precedent - historical, mythological, contemporary or simply invented, but most importantly - legitimized. He will be found or coined as "proof" that antropofiliya actually can be legalized.

"Remember the legend of the self-sacrificing mother, gave her blood to drink to her children, dying from thirst ?"
"A history of ancient gods, eating everyone they meet - it was the completely normal in Roman Empire ! "

Well what about closest to us Christians ? They have no problems with antropofiliya at all ! They still ritually drink blood and eat the flesh of their god. Are you blaming the Christian church ? Who are you, damn you ? "

The main objective of this bacchanalia - is at least partially withdraw the people eating people out of a criminal prosecution. For once, at least to some historical moment.

Once legitimized precedent is granted, it is possible to move the Overton Window from the position of “feasible” to the “rational”.

This is the third stage. 

It will finish the split of a single problem.

"The desire to eat people is genetically laid in the human nature"

"Sometimes you must eat a human, there are compelling circumstances" 

"There are people who want to be eaten"
"Forbidden fruit is always sweet"
"A free man has the right to decide what he eats"

"Don’t hide information and let everyone understand who he is - antropofil or anthropophobe" 

 In the public mind is artificially created a "battlefield" for the problem. On the outer flanks scarecrows are placed - specially were appeared radical supporters and radical opponents of cannibalism.

They trying to pack with bogeys and write in radical haters their real opponents - that is, normal people who don’t want to be indifferent to the problem of legalizing cannibalism. The role of these bogeys is to actively create an image of mad
psychopaths - aggressive fascist haters of antropofiliya, calling to burn alive cannibals, Jews, Communists, and Black. 

Presence in the media provides everything needed.

In this scenario, antropofilys will remain as if in the middle between bogeys on the "territory of the mind", where with the pathos of "sanity and humanity" they will condemn "fascists of all stripes."

"Scientists" and journalists at this stage trying to prove that humanity throughout its history occasionally were eating each other, and that's fine. Now the antrophilya topic can be transferred from the “rational”, in the “popular” category. Overton Window moves on.

To popularize the theme of cannibalism we must support it with pop content matching with historical and mythological personalities, and if possible with modern stars. Antropofiliya freely penetrates in the news and talk-shows. People eaten in movies of wide distribution, in the lyrics and videos.

 One technique of popularization is called "Look at the sides !"

"Have you knew that a famous composer – was what ? ... An antropofil.""And one well- known Polish writer was a lifelong antropofil, he was even persecuted."

"And how many of them were sitting in the nuthouse ! How many millions of deported, were stripped of citizenship ! By the way, do you like a new Lady Gaga music video «Eat me, baby»?

At this stage theme is brought in the top and it starts to replicate autonomously in the media, show-business and politics.

Then, at the moment when everyone becomes bored and discussion the issues stalled, comes specially selected professional and says, "Lord, in fact everything not like this. And it's not like that, but it is like this. 

And we must do this and that" - and in the meantime he gives very specific direction, given by movement Window.

To justify the supporters of legalization being used humanizing of criminals through the creation of a positive image through not associated with crime characteristics.

"They are creative people. Well, he ate his wife, so what?"
"They truly love their victims. Eating, means love!"
"Antropofils have increased IQ and in everything else they adhere to strict morality" "There were raised like this," and etc.

This kind of phrases is the main point of popular talk shows.

"We will tell you a tragic love story ! He wanted to eat her! And she only wanted to be eaten ! Who are we to judge them ? Perhaps this is love? Who are you to stand on the way of love ?"

The fifth stage of movement of the Overton Window begins, when the topic is heated
to make possible to transfer it from the “popular” in the field of “contemporary politics” category.

Begins the preparation of the legislation. Lobby groups are consolidated in power and moving out of the shadows. 

Sociological polls being published, allegedly confirming a high percentage of supporters of the legalization of cannibalism. 

Politicians begin to roll trial balls of public statements on the topic of legislative consolidation. 

In the public consciousness introduced a new dogma - "prohibition of eating people is prohibited."


Described Overton Window of Opportunity moves easiest of all in a tolerant society. In a society that has no ideals, and, as a consequence, there is no clear division between good and evil.

You want to talk about how your mother is a prostitute ? Want to print this report in the journal ? Sing a song. Prove in the end that being a prostitute - is normal and even necessary ? Use the technique described above. It relies on permissiveness.

No taboos. 

Nothing is sacred.

Look around you.
Do we have a choice ? 

Evgeny Gorzhaltsan 

How to create publicity stunts

For a long-term in a history of publicity stunts ,there has been created the enormous amount of news stories for media.
But even now, many PR managers struggle with an issue - how exactly to create publicity stunts?
How to make media notice a news maker?

 At first - what is a PR stunt and how it works.

The PR stunt is the artificially created public event which draws attention to media and the public with the singularity and a bright visual row.
What is the mechanism of a creation of a publicity stunt?
The PR stunt can be compared to the Trojan Horse which was used by the ancient Greeks in the fight against Trojans. Publicists do the same. They put bright and, often, provocative "wrapper" on their promoted message and introduce it to public.
People begin to retell this information as the interesting story or as a joke to one another. But, when they talk about this event they also report all needed information.
Let's pass to technicians of the creation of PR stunts. Further, you will see the examples of the stunts created by prominent PR agencies and me.

1) Mix of unmixable
This method assumes consolidation within any process of not compatible objects or concepts. I want to note from my experience: as further there are combined objects from each other by their meaning, as more successful the event becomes.

Example 1.
The pop group «3D» and parkour performers of BLR (Grodno), with the support of the Grodno region transport police, held a rally against drug use at Grodno railway station. 
Bound participants of «3D» sang lying on the rails in front of the oncoming train, painted over death. 
Thus, they metaphorically showed fears of an addicted person. 
At this time, the second "dark" group (parkour performers embodying the evil of drugs) and "white" (eternal values of mankind), were in a staging fight with acrobatic elements for "captives".

Example 2
Regional Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection in cooperation with the scientific and industrial group «Ecological Alternative" held a rubber coating test for the rubber mats, made from discarded automobile tires, with the help of a military tank.
 This was done for the promotion of new recycling technologies that allows to converting waste products in the industry and agriculture.

Example 3.
Eugene YakushBallet and, with the support of Grodno traffic police, organized a protest against the drivers’ aggression towards pedestrians. 
The action took place at a busy crossroads in the center of Grodno. 
The essence of the campaign was the following: when the traffic light showed red Eugene Yakushballet dancers appeared in front of ordinary drivers. 
The dancers looked like victims of road accidents (thanks to a make-up artist Eleanora Zamyslovskaya). They were carrying notices naming the most common causes of pedestriansdeath on the road, such as "I didn’t look around ", " I went without flicker ", " Run over by a scorcher", " I went on a red light". 

2) A competition method.
It is possible to carry this technique as real competitions between people, various competitions and festivals, and competitions to nature.

Example 1
In 2012, Felix Baumgartner became the first person to break the sound barrier (without the help of a machine) by falling 23 miles from the Earth’s stratosphere. 
The stunt, which was conceived, produced and broadcast by Red Bull, captured the world’s attention and pulled in 8m live views on YouTube.

Example 2
The Tour de France.
100 years ago Henri Desgrange came up with the idea of a bike race round France in order to raise the profile of L’Auto, the newspaper he worked for. 
It captured the imagination of the public, doubled the circulation of L’Auto and eventually put its rival paper Le Velo out of business. The event is now broadcast in 188 countries.

3) A charity method.
Charity events are very often created in PR. Objects and methods of charity can be very different. Sometimes due to the originality of a charity event it is possible to reach an additional resonance.

Example 1
Samsung asked Tailor Herring to help build buzz around their sponsorship of Crufts 2015. They decided to Build a hi-tech dog kennel. 
24 hours before the opening of Crufts 2015, the ‘Samsung Dream Doghouse’ was unveiled.
With features including an entertainment wall, paw operated snack dispenser, ‘woofing’ tannoy system, hot-tub spa to name a few!
A lucky terrier cross, Gracie, tested the Dream Doghouse’s luxurious and high-tech design before a Samsung competition entrant took it home for her even luckier pooch!

Example 2
At July 4 in the day of the appearance of the book by Lewis Carroll's "Alice in the Wonderland", cafe "Clover", together with creative people of Grodno in support of the Centre TIME presented a scene "Mad Tea Party" of a given work. 
During this event residents not only seen and talked to the book characters - Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and others, but also they had a chance to be in a point, «where time disappears."
Participant of action could be anybody for their financial aid for the children with cancer.
The purpose of the event was to draw attention to the problems of children and adults, faced with cancer, for which the time is now - the most precious resource.

4) A method of a scandal.
A lot of businesspeople are afraid of scandals. However operated scandals are sometimes safer than illiterate "standard" PR.

Example 1.
Adam Spiegel Productions asked Taylor Herring PR to launch the new touring stage of The Producers with a bang. 
Upstage the opening morning of the UKIP Party conference with dancing 'Nazis' and a 16 ton World War II tank. 
The stunt was timed to land 30 minutes before conference began, filling the news vacuum. 
Dancers in hot pants, Jackboots and insignia astonished delegates unveiling the party's General Election campaign manifesto in Margate, Kent.

Example 2.
A pop band "17 seconds" performed in one cage of Grodno zoo. 
Impersonating witches, the singers of the band decided to draw attention to Slavic fairy tales and folklore instead of “fast food” Hollywood movies. 

5) A method of non-standard direct advertisement.
Creative unusual ad becomes an excellent publicity action by itself. It gains millions of views on YouTube and causes a discussion in social media and press.
To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium Duval Guillaume (Belgium) placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town.
 A sign with the text "Push to add drama" invited people to use the button.

6) Accession to a famous person.
In this method, it is necessary to combine our object of publicity and a celebrity.

Example 1
In memory of Nelson Mandela, a Belarussian choreographer Evgeny Yakush created a deaf dance style dance by turning the sign language into the dance moves. 
His creation was sent to the Belarusian South Africa Embassy as a symbol of respect to Nelson Mandela.

Example 2
A Belarusian artist Julia Kovsh presented a portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son . In the painting of A3 format ,Prince George Alexander Louis is depicted at the age of 25. 
Another distinctive feature of the portrait is that it’s made of crumb rubber derived from discarded tires by non-waste recycling. 
The painting will be presented to Prince July 22, 2028, on his 25th birthday. 

7) Accession to a known event.
Here we choose an event which is already on the agenda. Media are in search of a news story which would show this event from a new angle.

Example 1
On May 22, at 12.00, members of a pop band "17 Seconds" were made up as the Greek goddess Nike, and sang their own anthem "Ice ice ice," standing on a moving carriage (an exact copy of that belonging to the Austrian royal family) with horses in Sovetskaya Street in Grodno . 
The distinctive feature of the action was that the stylist Anna Mania made the exact copies of statues of the goddess Nike from the singers with a golden body, ancient Greek dresses and with laurel wreaths.
 The action is intended to support the Belarus team at the World Hockey Championship in Minsk

Example 2
At June 29 on the eve of the start of the Summer Olympics, world champion in Thai boxing Rinat Bulatov held his first exhibition of paintings in Belarus, drawn only by methods of Thai boxing.
"I’ve wanted to show a new, aesthetic side of Thai boxing and to urge the International Olympic Committee to include this sport in the program of competitions - says Rinat Bulatov. - Muay Thai is a jewel in the sport, which should shine brightly on the most important event in the world of sport, the Olympic Games ".

8) Accession to a holiday.
Here we use holidays, anniversaries for a creation of a publicity stunt.

Example 1
On April 23, on the 50th anniversary of the company records "Melody", a pop band "17 seconds" sang a potpourri of greatest hits in the history of "Melody". 
There were: "Malinovka", "Musica nas sviazala", "Buhgalter", etc. inside a huge plate in the center of Grodno. The distinctive feature of the "plate" was that for its construction only crumb rubber, recycled from discarded tires was used.
"Just as crumb rubber has been used successfully in the industry, and the hits of " Melody "now acquire a" second wind "- says the head of the project" Living History "Sergei Ivanov. - 
With this campaign, we have not only congratulated the "Melody "on the anniversary but also have showт the relevance of their hits for today's youth. "

Example 2.
A Belarusian artist Yulia Bolbat created Frank Sinatra's portrait from dog food (A1 size) to the 100 anniversary of the great artist. 
It is the first-ever picture created in a new art form - "Pet art" (Pat an art) where all works are performed only from food for animals.
Using this work, the artist decided to draw attention to the animals containing in shelters. 

9) Accession to a known inanimate object or a place.
This method is similar to "accession to the famous person», but instead of a human celebrity we "join" the known subject or a place.

Example 1
At the Taylor Herring PR stunt, SKODA invited their fans to come and celebrate the future of city driving with an automotive homage to Stonehenge made entirely from scrapped cars.

Example 2.
Grodno theater "Red Star" and the center "TIME" opened the Alley stars of world celebrities. 
Their peculiarity is that  each star contained the name of a person who not only made a significant contribution to the development of art but also has faced with cancer and was able to defeat the disease.
 One of the stars was "empty", without a name. It embodied the talent of Belarusian children faced with cancer. 

10) Accession to a famous animal
Here a PR manager originally "joins" the known animal or the living being. 
It can be animals of celebrities, animals-movie stars, or just outstanding representatives of fauna, as it shown in the following 2 examples.

Example 1
A natural history TV channel Eden challenged Taylor Herring PR to create and stage a large-scale visual stunt to draw attention to their launch day. 
The Taylor Herring team interrogated the launch programming schedule for ideas and analysed the most iconic wildlife scenes and images of recent years for inspiration. 
After much debate they finally arrived at the key creative an iceberg featuring a stranded polar bear floating adrift on the River Thames. 
To capitalise on Eden’s launch and to target key demographics, the sculpture was then sent on a tour of UK cities including Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow.

Example 2
The vocalist of a rock group "I and They" Kirill Pax and the Grodno zoo have presented the first model of jeans created by a lion. 
Thus, organizers urged to care of preservation of animals. 
The musician intends to make "lion's" jeans as a part of the scenic image which will remind every time to public of the importance of a careful attitude to animals.

11) An answer method
In this direction, the PR manager needs to create an event- answer on any urgent news.
Condition: it is important to make a stunt as quickly as it possible, because otherwise, it will be already irrelevant.
A Grodno choreographer Eugene Yakush decided to prove that famous Van Damme’s split in the advertisement of Volvo between trucks can be done without belay. 

12. "To be in a place where media will already been"
Here the PR manager's task is to insert the event which will draw a large number of media.

Example 1.
At the Taylor Herring stunt, Paddy Power, the A list bookmaker, caused a sensation on the MasterCard Brit Awards red carpet last night with their very own Daft Punk lookalikes who, after mingling with pop royalty, surprised onlookers by whipping off their trousers Chippendale style to reveal a fetching pair of Paddy Power’s world famous Lucky Pants.

Example 2
It is the stunt, made by Ogilvy PR. They chose the International Paris Marathon to illustrate the distance African women and children must walk every day to get clean water. 
The platform became “The Marathon Walker”.

To sum up I would say, that using the methods of creation of PR stunts increases quantity and quality of the new ideas for publicity, regardless of the country where they will be carried out.