Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to create publicity using Hollywood movie techniques?

A Hollywood produces a tremendous amount of different movies and music but, in fact all of it follow the simple rules. Interestingly, that all this methods might be easy picked up by usual people and companies in a way of the their successful  publicity.

The brand has to  evolve

There is nothing terrible that your brand changes over time. It develops as the character of a TV series with the open subject line. At the beginning it can be simple, naive, the undecided with the values. Over time it will become more accurate. Allow clients and partners to monitor its development.

Surprise — a key to attention
In life there are many less drama turns and contradictions, than in the invented story — you should remember it when you speak about the company, a product, a brand. There are many acceptances to surprise audience, to capture its attention. The culmination — as murder in the thriller — can occur right at the beginning. 

As a screenwriter, you should know answers to two questions: "Why my hero does it?» and "Will my hero  make it?». The same is important when you speak about the product or an artist. The audience should accept motives of the hero, and your clients and partners should well understand the values of your brand.

3.   Use the television approach to the story of history

If you want to tell stories — go on television, here where a scope. Annually there are tens of new series, and as a rule it is a good, quality product. These are stories which you will be able to tell for years. The same situations might be created as news stories. Just, creatively add drama in a life of your client and show how he successfully resolve it! 

4. Be not afraid of a cliche — the main thing that they worked

Many treat a cliche with contempt. But in using a cliche, there is nothing shameful. Why some things become stamps? Because they work. It is necessary to use them intelligently, here in what case. When the boy meets the girl - it is not a cliche. One may say that it is worse if they meet each other in the park in the rain,but..

I have a simple example — the series Law & Order ("The law and an order") goes 20 years, in every season on 22 series, that is 4 400 series are removed. And all of it contains the same structure! 

Then professionalism of team gets the best, they finish case, a punishment of the criminal elements. And here again one of the  team feels personal communication with punished. And so every time, from a series in a series. This cliche, but it is skillfully used and therefore doesn't bother.

 We see a lot of romances between stars in a show business Almost all of them are  unreal and follow a simple template of development, but who care? Different generations  like to read the same stuff with just new names again and again. 

5.  Allocate a product with one characteristic feature

The hero (brand) should have characteristic features. Kerry Bradshaw from Sex & The City adores shoes, and her girlfriend Miranda likes her work. When you speak about the product and values with which it  associated with, choose same "anchors" and use them in promotion. For example, Michael Jackson had a heat and a glove, Marilyn Monroe  attract people with her open childish eyes and McDonalds has it’s clown.

If brands want to increase effectiveness of their publicity and be memorable and recognizable they should start to use movie techniques in their image.


Robert McKee

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