Friday, 28 October 2016

The secrets of Kim Kardashian's publicity

What is the essential difference of the successful publicist? It is his understanding of the nature of the modern world of news.

Today, in the conditions of information noise it is impossible to place in a news agenda the volume laudatory article showing integral and many-sided image of a client.

If a journalist  do that he would lose trust of the readers. Moreover, such information is perceived directly as advertising. And  a reader immediately put a protective block on it. The End.

How to handle it? How to make journalists and readers accept your subject?

 It is necessary to split up image of the client, his complete message for small bright fragments, for thematic splinters. 

Then it is necessary to choose only those brightest and "sharp" thematic "splinters" of propaganda information which can be given from the mass of image elements.

Let's go further. But if there is no socially significant news?

The attention of a journalist and a reader is drawn first of all to a subject which allegedly "is important in itself", and  not because it is connected with a name of this company or the person. The client becomes a part of a subject as ancient Greeks became a part of the Trojan Horse.

Kim Kardashian came to Paris and was robbed  in the most protected district of Paris. 
After few days stolen jewelry was found by the police.

Sounds as the scenario of the cheap Hollywood drama. But that's the effective recipe of creating  publicity in the overloaded with information today's world.

A sensation is higher than emotion. 
In the conditions of information noise a publicist shouldn't expect that he is able to make "long-term" and powerful emotions about his client in a reader's soul (as trust, love and so on).

The publicist's task is to create a news story which will  contains fleeting, primitive feelings of short-term, shock, disgust, irritation, curiosity, etc.

 Madonna published a photo with the hairy armpits. For public it is shown as a symbol of " freedom of thoughts". 

But we understand  what for actually all this happened, right?  ;-)

It is necessary to emphasize that it is, strictly speaking, not about "sensations" in the finest sense of the word (an exclusive, hot news, an action, exposure, large scandal), but it is about so-called "spirit of sensational nature".

Such method  is used for creation of kiss and tell stories which we see every day in tabloids.

In other words, sensational nature is an illusion of a sensation, it is a make-up which needs to be put on a "face" practically any publicity for successful promotion.

Use a powerful journalistic secret: take a private, intimate detail and highlight it brightly under the pretext of the fact that this information has " importance for public".

"Sensational" article turns  into an objective fact, into a subject of a general, public life.

Arseny Mironov "Inflate and dominate: technologies of modern "soft" promotion" Publishing house: Dobrosvet-2000

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